About EVS


AnalogOldDaysCroppedEncore Video Services has been owned and operated by David Nathenson since its inception in 1984. Dave is an award winning videographer with a reputation for artistic excellence in all productions, large and small.

Known for his creativity and gifted eye for the camera, Dave caught the video bug at an early age. He always knew he would one day own a video production company.

In 1984, Encore Video Services was born — a modest company whose main genre was family events. It was an instant success! News of Dave’s talents spread, and Encore Video Services quickly became the highest-ranking video services company in Orange County, California.


As Encore Video Services has grown, so has Dave’s expertise — along with an expansive network of video production professionals. Today, Encore Video’s main focus is serving the business community. From documentary-style informational productions to live events, Dave’s talents continue to shine through.
Encore uses broadcast quality cameras and editing equipment, with skilled use of telephoto lenses, special filters and lights to create beautiful pictures in natural color.

True-to-life sound is captured with broadcast quality wireless microphones on four channels of audio. The microphones are close to the action and the music. We believe a great picture deserves great sound.

Encore videographers are discreet, experienced and well dressed. Our editors are adept in the use of music, special effects and computer graphics to create a memorable production.

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