Post-Production EditingPost-Production Editing

Editing equipment is only as good as the operator and "Digital Dave" is an award winning editor with more than 20 years experience. Our digital non-linear editing system features award-winning hardware and software that delivers faster, sharper and easier edits while raising the bar for reliability and quality. Our advanced hardware, which supports compressed and un- compressed video recording modes.

It takes an equally powerful software application to exploit the capabilities of the digital hardware. Our software interface makes it easy to perform even the most complex three and four point edits. Numerous filters such as color correction, speed change and transparency are included along with hundreds of ready to use 2D/3D transitions, rolling/crawling titles and perspective, rotation and warp effects. Enhanced digital audio features provide real time volume, pan and EQ control for eight channels (four stereo pairs) of synchronized audio.

Edited videos are copied onto your media of choice and/or uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or via FTP to your website.

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