Film Transfers

Our HD telecine system is 1920×1080 (2,073,600 dots) full HD 1080p resolution. Laboratory grade optics are 100% flicker & ghost/trail free. No sprockets in the film chain means no damage can be caused to your films. Whether it’s 8mm or Super 8 film we can transfer it to DVD or an external hard drive at the highest quality possible.

Reel Size

Film Transfer

Film Transfer

3″ (50 ft.) $20.99 $11.99
5″ (200 ft.) $83.99 $47.99
7″ (400 ft.) $167.99 $95.99
Transfer to DVD (720 x 480) Included Included
Transfer to Flash Drive, Hard Drive or Blu-Ray $50.00 $50.00


Film Transfer

Film Transfer

All film cleaned and lubricated ✔ ✔
Compatibility guaranteed ✔ ✔
Real-time manual back-lighting control and framing Image to widescreen format ✔
Scene-by-scene color restoration in post-editing ✔

Edit Your Old Home Movies!

  • $50 per hour


  • For as low as $25, we will add a pre-recorded soundtrack to your movies. Or you can bring us your own music and we will edit in the songs for $50/hour.

Transfer to Hard Drive

  • This is recommended if you are going to edit your footage.

Transfer to Blu-ray

  • Upgrade to Blu-ray and experience the future of family media. With a Blu-ray disc the resolution will be 1920 X 1080 pixels. 24 frames progressive.

Extra Copies

  • Sharing your memories with others? We can provide extra DVD copies!
  • $10 per DVD
  • $20 per Blu-Ray


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