Live Events


From seminars to stage performances, live events deserve the expertise that only an experienced professional can provide.

Some examples of live events include:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences and Meetings
  • Trade Shows and Trade Fairs
  • Product Launches
  • Performances
  • Dance Recitals
  • Competitions

And more!

Your post-production recording will be a work of art suitable for every kind of distribution:

  • DVDs complete with DVD Menus and Graphics.
  • Digital Tape suitable for TV Broadcasts.
  • Digital Files for streaming on YouTube, Vimeo, social media or your website.
  • Need help displaying your video online?  We do that too.

Unobtrusive Camera Placement

Recording your event should never interfere with the flow of activities.  Encore Video Services knows the right camera and equipment configurations for every event type.

Seminar-type events normally require a single camera and tripod with one operator.  Action-type events may require additional cameras, fixed or roaming.

Multiple Wireless Microphones

A great picture deserves great sound!

  • True-to-life sound is captured with broadcast quality wireless microphones on four channels of audio.
  • Microphones are close to the action and the music.

Auxiliary Lighting

We use Tungsten, Mole Richardson, Chimera and Lowell.

  • If heat is going to be an issue we have LED lightbanks and fluorescent kino flos.
  • At a reception we generally put up a single C-Stand and a 500 watt Lowell Tota near the DJ and use a dimmer.
  • For event videography an LED mounted camera light with a dimmer works great. We also use dimmers on AC powered lights.
  • Lighting large productions can go well beyond setting up a Tungsten overhead.
    • It’s the trucks and vans to move an abundance of cables, jibs, dollies, cranes, tracking and light fixtures.
    • It’s the best lift equipment, including cherry pickers and scaffolding.
    • It’s the climate control systems that ensure lighting sources don’t overheat (or overheat your actors!).
    • It’s the booms, cranes, camera support and expendables such as apple crates and duct tape that enable your production to have the very best lighting possible.

All the Extras

  • Director
  • Lighting Director
  • Grip Personnel
  • Specialty and Custom Items

Talk to Dave to determine the needs for your event.